Friyay Happenings – October


Happy October everyone! Looking outside this morning, it is one of the most beautiful times of the year in Minnesota. Trees are a sea of different colors, bright crunchy leaves line the streets and sidewalks, and there is a nice crisp chill in the air. A time to build fires and make blanket forts in the living room.Read more

Green Curry (2 ways)


Green Curry (2 ways) has become one of our favorite weeknight meals! It is fast, easy and so incredibly addicting. Plus it goes down smooth on a chilly night with a cold beer. Show of hands, how many people love curry? How many people have ever made it? Making curry, does that sounds intimidating? I did toRead more

Sweet Potato and Spinach Eggy Cups {toddler friendly}


Eggs are an awesome super food but not always portable. Until you make them in a muffin tin! Sweet Potato and Spinach Eggy Cups to the rescue! Over the past few weeks, I have come across a rule of sorts that is floating around among nutritionists and doctors regarding children’s eating habits. It is known asRead more

Classic Overnight Oats {vegan, naturally sweetened, gluten-free & toddler friendly}


Classic Overnight Oats take 3 minutes to make before going to bed. Then in the morning you have the most  delicious, satisfying creamy, whole-grain breakfast for you and your toddler! Here is what’s happening right now. I cannot find a cute good quality flannel shirt for the life of me! Poppy and I have a new breakfast obsession.Read more

Homemade Graham Crackers


Homemade Graham Crackers are my tiny toddler’s favorite snack hands down. Best part about them is they easy, homemade and portable. Snacks. Whether you support them or are against them, they are pretty amazing. I am pro snacking. Can’t help it. I love snacking. Growing up in Venezuela, snacks were not a thing that people did.Read more