Amsterdam, The Netherlands


Amsterdam is a very literal city and it means dam of the river Amstel. A city entwined with canals, flooded with bicycles and filled with friendly people, it is one of my favorite European cities! Did you know Amsterdam has more bikes than people? They have houses that are 4 ft. wide! There is aRead more

Classic Overnight French Toast


Classic Overnight French Toast is simple and comforting in a stay-in-your-PJs-for-most-of-the-day kind of way. Plus it is the ultimate way to use leftover bread. I am a total nerd about using leftovers and not wasting food. As in, I will get literally giddy with excitement when I use up leftovers mashed potatoes to make mashedRead more

Healthy Turkey Tortilla Soup – Thanksgiving Leftovers

healthy turkey-tortilla-soup-10

Still got delicious Thanksgiving turkey in your fridge? I hope so because it’s time to make the best healthy Turkey Tortilla Soup ever ever ever! Now that the Thanksgiving craziness has subsided, time to use up those leftovers! Even though we weren’t able to eat turkey on Thanksgiving day due to the stupid mean Enterovirus, IRead more

Friyay Happenings – November


Happy day after Thanksgiving everyone! I hope you had a lovely day filled love, family, friends and food. I love Thanksgiving. I know we should be thankful every day of the year but I love that this is a holiday about being with your loved ones. Not about presents or buying stuff. Just good peopleRead more

Spinach and Cheese Potato Fritters- Thanksgiving Leftovers


Are you ever left with more mashed potatoes than you know what to do with after a big Thanksgiving dinner? Spinach and Cheese Potato Fritters are the delicious solution to your potato problem. This year we are having 2 big Thanksgiving meals – one with my family from out of town and one with myRead more